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  • 09:00 - 09:30
    Jesper Rasmussen - Atlantik Elektronik GmbH
  • 09:35 - 10:05
    Protect your brand and secure your profitability through regulatory compliance
    Fredrik Hirn - Senior Sales Manager & Country ICT Leader - Intertek Sweden
    Understand the impact of working pro-actively with regulatory requirements by looking into today’s complex situation and studying a business case to quantify values.
  • 10:10 - 10:40
    Embedded low power SOCs and SOMs for intelligent systems.
    Patrik Björklund - Director of sales - Tritech Solutions
    The presentation will give an overview of the currently available low processors and module standards for the embedded market, in the segment up to max. 15W TDP. A wide range of embedded applications demand higher CPU performance, advanced graphics capabilities, faster I/O and neural network accelerators for vision and machine learning workloads, while having power and thermal constraints. We will look at ARM versus x86 solutions, edge inference accelerators, to buy or make and how product lifecycles can be managed.
  • 10:45 - 11:15
    How do you manage your projects with demands on higher quality and less cost without losing track on the process?
    John Ludvigsen - Technical Sales Engineer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) - InnoFour
    Embedded software is in virtually all the products we come in contact with every day. For example, there are 100+ million lines of code in automotive, 24% of Medical device recalls are due to software issues, and there's 15.4% growth in the software driven "Smart Appliance" market. As a result the use of embedded software is quickly infringing on hardware’s dominance in the product development process. However in many environments software development is a siloed activity that leads to disconnects between product requirements and implementation that leads to product recalls or product failures. In legacy software development environments, many different point solutions are used to manage the application lifecycle. As a result, development artifacts are scattered, slowing down collaboration, hindering transparency, undermining integrity and making it difficult to drive innovation. This presentation of Polarion Application Lifecycle Management will cover the challenges in today’s embedded software development and how Polarion can help organizations with a unified solution that divers project transparency through real-time aggregated management information. Polarion enables everyone to be aligned around what is being built and why, to drive advancement while protecting integrity and compliance. Polarion helps teams respond faster and with better quality to new business opportunities and customer demands. The presentation will also show how it’s possible to work with different stakeholders like clients and managers and with those that are in the project so that everybody has a real-time view of the status of the project.
  • 11:20 - 11:50
    Integral Laser Technology Solutions to enhance Performance of PCB Depaneling Processes
    Javier Gonzalez - Sales Manager - InnoLas Solutions GmbH
    Lasers are becoming the most preferred PCB depaneling method as they are offering inherent advantages such as narrow kerf widths as well as virtually no dust, no mechanical stress, fast set-up changes and many degrees of flexibility. Laser technology solutions to enhance laser depaneling performance will be presented. This will cover advanced laser beam guidance technologies to improve cutting quality and throughput, integrated automation and inspection modular solutions to increase yield and connectivity options for laser systems in advanced manufacturing environments.
  • 11:55 - 12:25
    Vilka är trenderna inom industriella displayer och HMI-lösningar?
    Daniel Aspeskär - Business Development Manager - Martinsson Elektronik
    Det är ofta displayen som användaren interagerar med, därför har displayen en central roll i hur användaren upplever er produkt. Här får du en inblick i vad som förväntas av en modern, industriell display. Tips på hur man skapar god användarvänlighet, wow effekt och dessutom vad framtidens HMI kan erbjuda.
  • 12:35 - 13:05
    High frequency PCB material
    Esbjörn Johansson - Director of Technology - Malmö Mönsterkort MMAB Group AB
    Introduction to High frequency PCB material - processing and challenges. FR4 for high frequency and high speed digital. Teflon based material and “FR4-similar” low loss material.
  • 13:10 - 13:40
    Komponentindustrin och motarbetande av förfalskningar
    Johan Dahl - Senior Director, Sales - EMEA - A2 Global Electronics
    Johan Dahl kommer att ge oss en överblick av den globala komponent industrin. Han kommer även att tala om hur marknaden av förfalskade komponenter motarbetas.
  • 13:45 - 14:15
    Sunway Communication AB
  • 14:20 - 14:50
    DFX Guidelines, IPC-2231 - en introduktion och praktiska exempel
    Marcus Ek - Head of Engineering & Development - Norautron AB
    Som kontraktstillverkare har man en betydande roll för att produkter med olika kravbilder blir riktigt tillverkade. Det finns genom detta också mycket erfarenhet och kunskap att hämta hos tillverkarna, som kan hjälpa produktutvecklare att komma fram till en slutprodukt på ett säkert och snabbt sätt. Lyssna på när Marcus Ek delar med sig av sina erfarenheter samlade under många års arbete i elektronikindustrin med fokus på att stötta produktutveckling och design av produkter med inriktning på höga kundkrav och hög grad av producerbarhet. Han ger också en introduktion till den relativt nya IPC-2231 ”DFX Guidelines” som inriktar sig på att stötta utvecklare av elektronik för bättre konstruktioner. Marcus Ek är teknisk ledare på Norautron AB med erfarenhet av elektroniktillverkning och affärsutveckling sedan 1990 då han började som komponenttekniker på Teli Företagssystem i Vänersborg.
  • 14:55 - 15:25
    The Future of Value Chain Management From Predictive Sourcing to First-Time-Right
    Philipp Köenig - Product Specialist - Luminovo GmbH
    What might a future look like in practical terms, in which the manufacturability of PCBs is already optimized during the development process, the part selection is carried out in a forward-looking manner withregard to market developments, or finding suitable supply sources takes place at the push of a button? The developments of the last few years during the pandemic have left no company untouched and have confronted entire supply chains with major challenges. In order to still cope with this new dimension of market dynamics, manual and alignment-intensive processes have to be replaced by smart and collaborative next-generation software solutions. Let's explore this together during this presentation!
  • 15:30 - 16:00
    Beyond the datasheet, what they never tell you about inductors
    Dr. Georg Hetzendorf - Dr. Georg Hetzendorf - CoilCraft
    The presentation shows with examples and practical hints how to get the most out of power inductors commonly used in many DC-DC converters. Many new applications ask for high voltage compliance of inductors which, up to now, was not specified by inductor manufacturers. By applying best practice when designing DC-DC converters, information from the datasheet can be used to minimize efforts for EMI compliance. Tools available on the web (for free) provide useful information to predict size versus performance leverage designers must take when planning the next generation DC-DC converter.


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