majScandinavian Conference on System and Software Safety

21Arrangör Addalot och ICES (KTH)

måndag, 21 maj 2018 kl 08:30 - tisdag, 22 maj 2018
Spårvagnshallarna, Stockholm, Sweden


The importance of System and Software Safety is steadily growing as we are moving towards more and more connected and advanced software-intensive systems. It then becomes essential to share experiences and perceived problems among the multitude of stakeholders that are involved in this area.

The conference is organized by Addalot and ICES and has become the central meeting place for Scandinavian safety experts from different industries. There will be an overview day, this year with four keynote speeches. The second day includes parallel sessions with in-depth workshops and tutorials about different challenges, techniques, standards and methods. As for the previous years, we anticipate a healthy mixture of participants and presentations from different industries and academia.
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