Elektronikproduktion | 07 november 2001

Ytterligare 1500 får gå från Alcatel

Fler får gå från den Franska telekomjätten enligt detta e-mail som i Måndags skickades till personalen:
----- Original Message -----
November 5, 2001

Dear Colleagues,

Due to the on-going economic slowdown in our industry, we are forced to
take additional steps to manage costs and restructure the business.
These actions are part of a global program to align the company's cost
structure with reduced revenue levels.

Last week, in conjunction with Alcatel's third quarter earnings results,
it was announced that 10,000 positions would be eliminated in Europe,
and that further restructuring would take place worldwide. Today, as a
part of that on-going restructuring, we will announce several actions
resulting in a reduction in our U.S. workforce of approximately 1,500
employees. These actions will affect several areas of our U.S. business.

We will be restructuring our Transmission business in light of the
slowdown in the U.S. optical networking market. In addition, development
activities for our 7770 product will be relocated from Chantilly to the
Ottawa facility. We also anticipate a further consolidation of our
Access Network businesses to provide cost reductions in both development
and support areas.

Finally, as we have reduced R&D and operations costs, we have also taken
steps to reduce the size of all support groups so that their costs are
in line with current demand forecasts.

We expect all of these actions to be completed by the second quarter of
2002. Beginning today, we will work with affected employees at each
location to provide severance and outplacement assistance.

I appreciate your support as we work through these tough times together.

Mike Quigley
President, Alcatel Americas
CEO, Alcatel USA
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